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Sunflo Industrial Grade Blowers

The advanced aerodynamic and rotor dynamic design of the Sunflo Industrial Grade Blower makes it ideal for applications requiring oil free air.


Compact & Efficient

· Radial vaned impellers are investment cast to assure precise contours and dynamically balanced for smooth operation.

· Discharge may be positioned to horizontal right or vertically up position for installation ease.

· Vaneless diffuser provides optimum curve shape and high efficiencies.

· Rugged integral speed increasing gearbox with precision ground gearing assures smooth operation with high mechanical efficiency and low noise levels.

· The pinion shaft assembly contains the bearings and seals, and is easily removed to facilitate servicing.

· Splash lubrication system is completely self-contained and requires no external connections.

· Generous clearances of 0.035″ (0.9mm) eliminate performance deterioration caused by wear and the need for mechanical adjustment.



· Jet aircraft engine cooling

·  Industrial manufacturing

· OEM applications


Sunflo B 3230 Blower

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