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Marelli VS6 vertical multistage, semiaxial bowl, radially split case, submersible centrifugal process pump

The VS6 Type ring section impeller is ideal for pumping fluids at medium and high pressures.

The FGB/TKVB pumps are ideal for pumping fluids at medium and high pressures. They are manufactured in materials selected for each particular application, all included within table H1 of the API 610 standard. Manufacturing processes guarantee the highest quality level and include rotor dynamic balance, hydrostatic and performances tests, measuring flow, head efficiency, NPSH, vibrations and the most rigorous quality control. Multistage centrifugal pumps up to 14 stages (standard construction), mounted in series separated and placed into perpendicular elements to the shaft rotation.

  • Flows to 3,100 gpm (700 m³/hr)
  • Heads to 1,200 ft (400 m)
  • Maximum Working Pressure to 40 kg/cm2
  • Temperature Range -125 to 482°F (-80 to 210°C)



  •  Refineries
  •  Desalination plants
  •  Process charge
  •  API basins
  •  Condensate extraction
  •  Tank farms
  •  Tank fluid transfer
  •  Petrochemical plants
  •  Fertilizers
  •  Oil fields and terminals
  •  Off-shore and on-shore installations
  •  Reverse osmosis
  •  Synfuels
  •  Paper mills
  •  Other intensive high-pressure services


Marelli VS6

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