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Marelli OH2 end-suction, full centerline mounted, radial split, overhung horizontal single and double volute centrifugal pump

API-610 OH2 and ISO 13709 compliant for General Refinery Services centrifugal, single stage, full centerline mounted with high shaft rigidity for processes engineers requiring efficient high pressure and high temperature services

The Marelli SMK pump seres has a range of customized features to specific application requirements that process engineers require for upstream oil and gas, midstream, downstream refining, petrochemical and chemical processing.

  • Flows to 7,000 gpm (1,600 m³/hr)
  • Heads to 1,200 ft (256 m)
  • Suction Pressure 551 psi (38 bar)
  • Temperature Range -238 to 842°F (-150 to 450°C)

Precision engineered API/ISO 13709 process pumps meeting rigorous engineering requirements for heavy duty, high temperature applications while receding the total life cycle cost and improving mean time between repairs.




· Hydrocracking

· Topping

· Gas condensate


· Merox LPG

· Amine

· Sour water

· Coking

· Platforming



Crude oil and gas pipelines

Offshore and onshore oil and gas

Reverse osmosis



Marelli OH2

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