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HMD Kontro GTV – General Transfer Vertical Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

The GTV range of pumps is currently limited to one hydraulic – the 1x1x5. This pump has the same hydraulic performance as the GTA 1x1x5 but it should be noted that its connection sizes are different, per the GA drawings.

In essence this is a standard GTA pump with a vertical casing mated to it.

The GTV pumps can be supplied with the following:-

  • ANSI 150lb or PN16 Flanges only – Limited to 18.9 Bar maximum
  • High temperature builds – limited to 205 oC (400 oF)
  • PTFE/PFR o-rings and gaskets
  • Flanged drain connection
  • Materials limited to Carbon Steel casing or 316ss only


HMD Kontro GTV

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