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HMD Kontro GTA/GTI – General Transfer Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

The GT product is not constrained by any international dimensional or performance specifications.

The pumps are close coupled construction and can be supplied free standing or baseplate mounted. Prime mover specifications of all denominations can be catered for.

The pumps are offered with a range of Synchronous Magnet Drives rated to match prime mover performance.

All components are interchangeable and options exist to select either ANSI standard (imperial with the exception of the impeller fixing) or ISO standard fastners.

The standard materials of construction are stainless steel with silicon carbide internal bearings.

Design range limits

The GT pump is designed to operate from -40°C up to +260°C, -40°F up to +500°F without the need for any ancillary cooling medium. Design working pressure is 18.9 bar, 275 psi.


Benefits Of HMD Kontro GTA/GTI Pumps:

  • Seal/less design – total product containment – ideal for hydrocarbon, petrochemical, toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallising and valuable product.
  • Modular/lnterchangeable high efficiency wet end, designed to ensure maximum flow/head coverage across all GT product range.
  • Modular/lnterchangeable high efficiency magnetic couplings.
  • Choice of various metallic materials of construction.
  • One casing/containment shroud/shell design
  • Casing gasket fully confined to eliminate ‘Blowout’ risk.
  • Various suction and discharge flange connection options.
  • Maximum interchangeability exists between spare parts for the entire range.
  • Cartridge assemblies allowing fast replacement of the rotating element.
  • Internationally approved pressure vessel standard: ASME VIII code.


Flows to

    37 m³/hr (163 gpm)

Heads to

    58 m (190 ft)


    29.3 bar/425 psi

Temperature Range

    -40 to 260°C (-40 to 500°F)



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