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HMD Kontro GSPVS – General Service Petroleum VS4 API 685 Vertical Suspended Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

The GSPVS from HMD Kontro is a vertical suspended sealless magnetic drive pump that has all of the benefits in a compact package. It is particularly suited for tank unloading of hazardous and valuable process fluids and is built to API 685and API 610 specifications and is fully ATEX compliant.

By using ‘Greased For Life’ ball bearings along the column, the requirement for lubrication or cooling of the intermediate sleeve bearings with system fluid is eliminated. Its sealless design uses fewer parts for maximum efficiency and low running costs, maximising online process time.

HMD Kontro GSPVS sealless magnetic drive vertical suspended centrifugal pumps comply with all of the specifications required by the oil & gas, petroleum and heavy chemical industries. The pump is typically used in toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallising and high value processes and the pumps are highly suitable for fuel transfer in oil and gas refineries.


Benefits of the HMD Kontro GSPVS Pump:

  • Vertical suspended design with smaller footprint
  • A sealless upgrade solution to existing installations
  • Decreased vibration extends life expectancy
  • ‘Greased For Life’ ball bearings eradicate the need for lubrication
  • Suction strainer and labyrinth seals eliminate process fluid contamination
  • Conform to API 685 and API 610 requirements

Flows to

     440 gpm (62 m³/hr)

Heads to

     1,400 ft (295 m)

Maximum Power

     167 HP, 125 kW

Temperature Range

     -40 to 500°F (-40 to 260°C)



The GSPVS is composed of modules, which can be joined to reach a total assembly length of up to 16ft (5m) and is mounted on a base available to ANSI B16.5 or any specific customer requirements.



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