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HMD Kontro GS – General Service Frame 1 Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

The GS (General Service) range of pumps from HMD Kontro are versatile pumps which are designed to cover a wide range of applications using minimum pump models through maximising component interchangeability.

The range includes the GSA (ASME standard pump) and the GSI (ISO DIN standard pump) with a GSL option also available for temperatures down to -100°C (-150°F).


Benefits Of HMD Kontro GS Pumps:

  • Sealless design for total product containment
  • Suitable for hydrocarbon, toxic, aggressive, hot and valuable products
  • Conform to ISO and ASME standards
  • High efficiency wet ends
  • Designed to ensure maximum flow and head coverage across all ranges
  • Choice of metallic materials of construction
  • One fully confined casing / containment shroud / shell joint

GS pumps are typically used in toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallising and high value processes. They are designed to comply with specifications required by the oil, gas, petroleum and heavy chemical industries.


Flows to

       70 m³/hr (308 gpm)

Heads to

       61 m (200 ft)


       18.9 bar / 275 psi

Temperature Range

       -40 to 315°C (-40 to 600°F )


HMD Kontro GS Frame 1

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