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HMD Kontro CSA/CSI – Chemical Service Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

The CSA/CSI magnet drive end suction sealless centrifugal pumps are a modular range of chemical service pumps, designed to cover a wide duty and application base using the minimum of pump models by maximising interchangeability of components.

The range is based on a number of hydraulic sizes and fully conform to the current ASME B73.3 (CSA) or ISO 2858/15783 (CSI) dimensional, performance and construction requirements.

The range is specifically designed for maximum part interchangeability, ease of onsite service and has a wide number of site upgradable features.

Key Design Features

  • No Seals: Minimises maintenance, all of the associated costs and eliminates potential leaks.
  • Sealless design: For total containment, essential for hazardous, aggressive or valuable product.
  • Modular & interchangeable components: For maximum convenience and minimal lead time.
  • High efficiency hydraulics: To benefit maximum flow / head coverage.
  • Low and High Flow hydraulic variants: Provides optimised hydraulic fit.
  • Robust design: Featuring ZeroLoss® containment shell for tolerance to system upsets.
  • Casing Gasket fully confined: Eliminating risk of blowout.
  • Internal & External Bump Ring Design: Providing additional level of robustness.
  • Modular Rotating Element Cartridge: Providing the most efficient way to perform rapid replacement and manage spare part inventory.


Flows to

64m³/hr (340 gpm)

Heads to

62m (296 ft)


18.9 bar/275 psi

Temperature Range

-40 to 260°C (-40 to 500°F)




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