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HMD Kontro CS – Chemical Service Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

A unique sealless magnetic drive pump for heat transfer in hot oil systems.

Isolating the pump from the heat source has always been essential in a hot oil system –until now. Thanks to its unique torque ring, the CS pump from HMD Kontro requires no cooling fluids or heat exchangers during operation. The pump is totally self venting and the magnetic coupling is immersed in the hot oil. Not only that, but the torque ring design offers a built-in soft start for viscous liquids, and the energy created adds to the efficiency of the system.

Simple to operate and maintain, cost-effective to run and capable of operating up to 842°F without cooling –all this makes the Sundyne HMD Kontro CS pump the ideal choice.

  • Ideal for heat transfer liquids.
  • Sealless design –total product containment.
  • No product cooling required for temperatures up to 842°F.
  • One joint casing/containment shroud/shell.
  • Fully confined to eliminate ‘blowout’ risk.
  • Torque ring drive positively contributes to the efficiency of the hot oil system.
  • Built-in soft start feature.
  • Ideal for viscous start up.

The heavy duty line of chemical service sealless magnetic drive, end suction centrifugal pumps complies with specifications required by the oil, gas, petroleum and heavy chemical industries. The CS is typically used in toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallizing and high value processes.


Flows to

     400 m³/hr (1,760 gpm)

Heads to

     150 m (490 ft)


      18.9 bar/275 psi

Temperature Range

      -80 to 450°C (-112 to 842°F)


HMD Kontro CS

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