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API BB2 Pumps

Designed for processes engineers requiring reliable operation in heavy-duty elevated temperature process services

The Marelli model KSMK, API 610 BB2 and ISO 13709 radially split, centerline mounted, double volute, between-bearings centrifugal process pump. It is available in one or two stage configurations. These pumps feature a double suction impeller. In-line and side by side flange configurations are available.

  • Flows to 13,208 gpm (2,400 m³/hr)
  • Heads to 1,640 ft (350 m)
  • Suction Pressure 290 psi (20 bar)
  • Temperature Range -22 to 752°F (-30 to 400°C)

Precision engineered API/ISO 13709 process pumps meeting rigorous engineering requirements for heavy duty, high temperature applications while receding the total life cycle cost and improving mean time between repairs.



· Toppings

· Gas condensate


· Platforming

· Thermal solar

· crude oil pipelines

· Gas pipelines

· Charge pumps

· Low shear applications



API BB2 Pumps

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