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The Ansimag KV is a magnet drive centrifugal pump.

- Flows to: 325 GPM (74 m³/hr)
- TDH: 325 Ft. (99m)
Available in ANSI, ISO and JIS compliant dimensions the KV is for corrosive/acidic applications in the CPI, Specialty Chemical, and Steel industries.

Flows To 74m³
Heads To 99m
Power 22kw
Temp Range -30 to 120 °C
Number of Stages 1
Max Case Working Pressure 325psi (23Kg/cm²)
Speed Range 1,450 - 3,600
Materials of Construction Ductile Iron, ETFE, Carbon Fiber, Silicon Carbide, FKM, EPDM
Bearing Materials Available Silicon Carbide, Carbon Graphite
Hydrotest Pressure 430psi
Max Viscosity 1,200 SSU (260 centistokes)
Typical Applications Chemical Processing and Transfers, Waste Chemical Treatment, Bulk Storage, Surface Treatment for Plating, Etching and Pickling, Scrubber Systems, Filtration, Metal Finishing, Hot Oils, Hazardous Chemicals, Intermediate Chemicals, Acids, Caustic, Heat Transfer, High Temperature Fluids, Heavy Duty Critical Services, Toxic & Corrosive Liquids
Industries Hydrocarbon Processing, Chemical Processing, Steel Manufacturing, Power Generation, Paper Processing, Petrochemical
Industry Standard ANSI B73.3
Solids Range 5% w/w with 150 microns
Motor Details 1.5 hp to 30 hp
Mounting Configurations Close coupled with NEMA standard C-face motor
Dimensional Standards ASME / ANSI B73.1, ISO 2858, JIS

Ansimag | KV

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